Interior painting Lititz Pennsylvania..
Interior painting Lititz Pennsylvania..

Benji's Painting in Lititz PA.

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Interior painting Lititz PA.
Interior painting Lititz PA.

Benji's painting Lititz Pennsylvania.

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Interior painting Ephrata PA.
Interior painting Ephrata PA.

Benji's painting Ephrata Pennsylvania.

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Interior painting Ephrata Pennsylvania.
Interior painting Ephrata Pennsylvania.

Benji's painting Ephrata Pa.

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Garage on site spray booths

This garage is being used as a spray booth to spray paint doors. A interior painting project.

As many samples as you want

This interior wall has many small square paint samples on it in a variety of colors. A interior painting project.

Fun color schemes

A interior wall that has decrative moldings on it that form three seperate squares. A interior painted wall.

Crisp clean paint lines everytime

The interior of a home that has grey walls and a set of stairs with handrails and spindles. A interior painting project.

Shoes off in the house

The owner of Benji's Painting standing on a ladder inside a house painting interior walls.

Color coordination and consultation

A interior painted dining room that has a grey ceiling, grey walls and hardwood floors. A interior paintig project.

Accent walls

A living room that has a blue painted accent wall and vaulted ceilings. An interior living room painting project.

Paint sheen contrast

A interior painted wall with seven horizontal columns of different paint colors and paint sheens. A uniquely interior painted wall.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is definitely something we love and every painter should love.

I mean who wouldn't love the smell of paint fumes or the gritty feeling of drywall dust on the skin and in the hair?

All joking aside we use low VOC paints and protect your furniture from dust using plastic. We want you to know that interior painting requires experience, patience, attention to details, quality tools, product knowledge, and production. Our experience, quality, tools, forward thinking, and overall commitment to adapt & grow set us apart.

Our experiences have allowed us to pin point exactly what is to much and what is to little in all aspects of our craft and that translates into saving you money without sacrificing the quality look and feel that comes along with a fresh coat of paint.

To you it may be just paint and you may be thinking "I can paint" or "my buddy paints" but trust me there is a difference between us and them. Customer satisfaction is in our hearts. 

Results are all that matter. We know this. That is why we cover your floors with canvas drop cloths and your furniture with plastic. Are your floors new or an investment worthy of guaranteed protection? We can cover them 100% for the duration of the job using paper designed for covering floors.

A simple agreement form gets us started and a simple invoice gets us on our way. You have the option of paying with a credit card to make things easier and online reviews hold us accountable. Your welcome to check out our many reviews online and hopefully we will be able to earn your five star review as well.