I know it sucks but you have to pay the painter or this could be you.

You don't want to be the person at the top of this ladder. Interior painting involves many steps. Painting this1200 square foot interior meant several days of tedious labor. The ceilings, walls, trim, doors and handrail spindles were all painted two coats and doing that was a process for sure. How long would it take you to paint your interior all two coats? Easily this is a two week or longer repaint for the average homeowner. Definitely for Ed. That is why Ed and his wife Tina residents of Ephrata PA. trusted us to do the job quickly and efficiently.

A man standing in a open concept kitchen with yellow painted walls behind him. Interior painting.
Painter standing on a ladder in the interior of a townhouse painting a ceiling. There is a homeowner holding the bottom of the ladder. Interior painting project done by Benji's Painting in Ephrata PA.

Interior painting of a townhome

Ephrata, PA.