Exterior painting

Exterior painting is a passion of ours. Let us do the dirty work for you.

Power washing, scraping old paint, hand sanding, caulking cracks, patching holes, applying oil/latex primers, taping by hand or with maskers, spraying with electric sprayers and can sprayers, brushing, rolling, applying paint strippers, lead safe H.E.P.A approved equipment like the FEZ tool, power sanders, plastic, drop cloths, ladders and planks.

Whatever it is trust that we have the experience, equipment and product knowledge to do the job right. There are not many situations that we have not seen and that is why all of our exterior paint jobs come with a service warranty.

Exterior painting is all about knowing whats to much and whats to little. You don't want to pay a arm and a leg to get your house looking clean and fresh but you also don't want some inexperienced painter taking forever or walking off the job because they felt under compensated. We have seen it all and I am sure you have as well and that is why you need to let Benji's painting have the opportunity to serve on your next exterior painting project.

Below are some before and after pictures of exterior painting projects completed by Benji's Painting.

Vinyl soffit Ephrata PA.

The exterior of a building that has a garage door and vinyl soffit underneath the gable trim.

Ephrata PA.2020


West Chester PA. 2013


Ephrata PA. 2020


Main St. Ephrata PA. 2019

The front exterior of a commefrcial building which is being prepared for exterior painting. There is plastic and canvas tarps covering the floor of the porch and sidewalk.

Ephrata PA. 2019